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Slot Machine Myths & Facts


  • MYTH #1 - A slot machine that has received extended play with no significant payouts is "due" to hit. (There is NO truth to this myth. The outcome is decided by random probability factor.)

  • MYTH #2 - If the machine feels cold to the touch, cold coins/tokens should be used. Likewise, if the machine is warm to the touch, warmed up coins/tokens should be used. (The temperature of the machine and/or coins has absolutely NO bearing on ANYTHING.)

  • MYTH #3 - If a slot machine has just hit for the top jackpot, it isn't going to hit it again for a very, very long time. (Randomness and probability factors decide when the machine "hits" again. Nothing more - nothing less.)

  • MYTH #4 - Casinos loosen and tighten the machines at will. (While the casinos DO keep an eye on who wins/loses, they do NOT "tweak" the machines.)

  • FACT #1 - Slot machines are NOT created equal. They may look identical on the outside, but they are totally different beasts on the inside.

  • FACT #2 - The casino always has the advantage...ALWAYS. Most slot machines are programmed (yes, PROGRAMMED) to pay out between 83% and 99% of the coins placed into them.

  • FACT #3 - When the reels stop spinning and you see the final combination, you are merely seeing the "will" of the microprocessor. Nothing more - nothing less. It's (more or less) a "courtesy" to the player. YOU as a player DO NOT affect the final outcome. If you ever want to know what a slot machine is "thinking," just put in a coin and pull the handle. What you see on the reels (when they are done spinning) is the precise combination at the exact moment in time you either pushed the "spin" button or pulled the handle.